Particle Animations

This page holds information regarding how to set up and customize particles for stationary crates.
The plugin currently has 6 particle animations which can be customized by speed, location and particle type. A crate can have multiple particle animations at the same time.
It is extremely easy to set up new or edit old particle animations using the in-game editor (/sc config). You'll be presented with the option to change the particle animation, particle type, animation radius, height, animation speed and particle amount.
To create new particles in game, do /sc config -> Crates -> choose your desired crate -> Particles -> PLAY -> Create a new particle

Particle Animation Examples:

Tilted Rings 1
Tilted Rings 2
Offset Tilted Rings 1
Offset Tilted Rings 2
Double Spiral 1
Double Spiral 2
Circle 1 (falling enchantment particles)
Circle 2
Growing Double Spiral